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..................................... Upcoming Local Pool Meets & Events .....................................

6/20/2015 - 2015 LCM State Champs at Schroeder
                    ( On-Line registration was closed on June 13th) ( Psych Sheet )
                    ( Pre-Meet News and Announcements ) ( Heat Sheet ) ( Relay Heat Sheet )
                    ( RESULTS ) ( TEAM SCORES )
                    Ninety-five swimmers enjoyed the
                    meet.  Two World Masters Relay records were set by a team of Illinois swimmers
                    in the 4 x 100 Medley and 4 x 100 Freestyle relays.


7/18/2015 - Amy Belle Swim at Camp Minikani
With regret, the swim has been cancelled and will not be held in the future.

8/15/2015 - 2015 MOWS (Madison Open Water Swim)
                    ( Website ) Registration is closed as the swim has reached the capacity
                                     of 500 swimmers maximum.

9/12/2015 - 2015 Senior Olympics at Shorewood
                    ( Register by selecting "Enter Now" from the right side column on the page.)
                    This age 50+ SCY meet is a qualifying meet for the 2017 National Senior Games.
                    The meet is recognized by USMS.  Times qualify for Top Ten consideration.

9/19/2015 - WMSC Annual Meeting

9/30-10/4/2015 - USAS Annual Convention, Kansas City

Please see the USMS Calendar of Events for Open Water, ePostal Swims and National Championships.

*...*...*...*...* Wisconsin Masters News & Announcements *...*...*...*...*

6/20/2015 - 2015 USMS 9+ Mile OW National Championship at
                     Morse Reservoir, Noblesville, Ind.
Three WMAC swimmers competed in the USMS 15K National Championship.
                      Congrats to James Biles, Melodee Nugent and Jerry Lourigan who swam the event.
                      Preliminary results:  James Biles, 4th overall, 1st place in his age group
                      Complete results will be on the USMS website soon.

5/7-5/10/2015 - 2015 YMCA Masters Nationals at Sarasota (Florida) YMCA
Seventeen WMAC swimmers representing four different YMCA's enjoyed
                      the warm Sarasota climate for this four day meet.  Pictures and an
                      article are in the June-July Newsletter
                     (Please see Events & Results tab for the Results)

4/23-4/26/2015 - 2015 U.S. Masters Swimming Nationals at San Antonio, TX
Forty-four WMAC swimmers traveled to San Antonio for the four day meet.
                     Please see the June-July Newsletter for highlights and pictures.
                    (Please see Events & Results tab for the Results)

4/11/2015 - 2015 SCY Meet at Baraboo Jack Young Middle School
The meet was enjoyed by 30 swimmers.
                     (Please see Events & Results tab for the Results)

34/1-4/30/2015 - April is Adult Learn-To-Swim Month
( Wisconsin Proclamation ) A Wisconsin Proclamation was obtained
                     from the Governor's Office in alignment with the USMS efforts
                     to obtain proclamations from all states.

3/28-29/2015 - 2015 SCY State Champs at Schroeder
The meet was enjoyed by 170 swimmers. A new USMS Record was set in 
                     the Men's 50-54 200 Backstroke by Jim Tuscher of Illinois Masters.
                     (Please see Events & Results tab for the Results)

3/8/2015 - 2015 SCY Meet at Whitefish Bay High School
                         The meet was enjoyed by 100 swimmers.  Thanks to the WFB Masters
                         for the great treats ... snacks and cookies.
                         (Please see Events & Results tab for the Results)

2/14/2015 - 2015 SCY Meet at Monona Grove High School
                         The meet was enjoyed by 91 swimmers.
                         (Please see Events & Results tab for the Results)

1/25/2015 - 2015 SCY Meet at Oshkosh YMCA, 20th Ave Branch
                          Forty swimmers enjoyed the meet.  Kudos to Melinda and the Oshkosh Swim Club
                         (Please see Events & Results tab for the Results)

1/11/2015 - 2015 SCY Meet at YMCA @ Pabst Farms (Oconomowoc)
                      ( RESULTS ) Eighty-three swimmers enjoyed the meet.

1/15/2015 - Water Warriors Fitness Event (11/2014-12/2014)
Water Warriors entry form was due by 1/15/2015
                            Results will be posted in the next Newsletter (Feb 1st)
                            Prizes are awarded at the State Meet, Mar 28-29 at Schroeder

12/06/2014 - 2014 SCM State Meet at West Bend West High School
                          ( Results
                    It was an unseasonably warm day, and no snow, when 90 swimmers attended
                    the SCM meet.  Eleven new Wisconsin SCM Relay Records were set at the meet
                    as were 33 new Wisconsin SCM Individual Records.  Please see the
                    Records & Top Ten Tab for the new Wisconsin SCM records.

11/10/2014 Hotel for 2015 USMS Spring Nats
The hotel for the Wisconsin swimmers planning to attend the USMS Spring Nationals
                    in San Antonio (Apr 23-26) and other USMS Nationals information is published in the
                    recent e-mail from Trina ( See e-mail ).

09/27/2014 - Wisconsin LMSC Annual Meeting
At the meeting, the meet schedule was approved for 2014-2015.  Please see
                    the Events & Results tab for the new meet schedule.  All meets will again use
                    on-line entries via the Club Assistant meet entries service provider.

09/17-9/21/2014 - United States Aquatics Sports Convention
Seven Wisconsin Masters members attended the USAS/U.S. Masters Swimming
                Convention in Jacksonville, FL.  The complete results from Convention are summarized
                in the Press Release of September 20th on the USMS website.  Dave Clark (Whitefish Bay Masters) was honored
                as a recipient of the Kerry O'brien Coaching Award.

09/13/2014 - Wisconsin Senior Olympics at Shorewood VHE Pool (SCY)
                   This event is for the age 50+ swimmers.  It is a qualifying event
                  for the 2015 National Senior Games. ( RESULTS )

08/16/2014 - 20th Annual Madison Open Water Swim
( See MOWS website for Results link )

07/19/2014 - 20th Annual Lake Amy Belle Swim at YMCA Camp Minikani
(This swim is on a quiet, spring-fed, inland lake that prohibits motors.
The event is not sanctioned or recognized by USMS.  It is a good first event
for swimmers new to open water, but is an enjoyable swim for all who attend.
( Results for WMAC Swimmers )

06/22/2014 - Badger State Games SCY at Wausau, WI
(Please Note: The pool has not been measured by USMS Rules.
                       ( Times cannot not be reported to
 USMS for
                       ( Top Ten or Records consideration until the pool is measured.)

06/21/2014 - Wisconsin LCM State Champs at Schroeder (Saturday)
                       ( RESULTS in publication order ) ( New LCM Individual Records )

                       New Relay Records
                       200 Free Relay Women 120-159                                2:25.61
                             Kelly Wynns, Meghan LaPoint, 
Angela Hansen, Lindsey Gerszewski
800 Free Relay Men 280-319                                   16:17.44
Fred Salzmann, Alex MacGillis, Stephen Justinger, Dick Pitman

05/01-5/04/2014 - USMS Spring SCY Nationals at Santa Clara, CA
Forty WMAC swimmers attended the USMS SCY Nationals.
                       ( RESULTS for WMAC Swimmers ) ( New Records )

04/10-4/13/2014 - YMCA Masters Nationals in Sarasota, FL
Forty Wisconsin swimmers enjoyed the sun and fun
                       and four days of outdoor pool competition in Sarasota, FL.
                       A new USMS Individual Record was set in the
                           Men's 30-34 50y Backstroke by Adam Mania: Time 22.20
                       A new USMS Relay Record was set in the Men's 25+ 200 Medley
                          Relay by Adam Mania, Eric Johnson, Kevin Ewald and Doug Dickinson
                          with the record setting time of 1:30.97.

                       ( RESULTS for Wisconsin Swimmers ) ( New Records )

04/05/2014 - Wisconsin Jack Young Middle School at Baraboo (SCY)
Thirty four swimmers attended the meet.
RESULTS PDF - Complete in publication order )

03/29-3/30/2014 - Wisconsin SCY State Champs at Schroeder
                       The meet was enjoyed by 175 swimmers.
                       Preliminary Results are published on Meet Mobile (smart phone application)
                       Final results are published on www.swimphone.com and on this website.
                      ( RESULTS - PDF, Complete in publication order )

03/22/2014 - TShirts for USMS Spring Nationals participants
( Order Form to print and mail )
                       Please note 
deadline ... Trina must receive order by April 6th)

03/21/2014 - USMS 2013 Top Ten Short Course Meters Published
( Wisconsin Individual Top Ten Link )
                       ( Wisconsin Relay Top Ten Link )
                       ( Wisconsin Top Ten Summary Link )

03/02/2014 - Wisconsin Whitefish Bay High School SCY
On-Line Entry deadline Feb 26th) ( Meet Info-detailed Mail-in deadline Feb 26th)
                       ( Heat Sheet ) ( 1650 Free Psych Sheet ) ( RESULTS ) ( New SCY Records )
                       New Relay Records set at the meet are:
                                Women 45+ 800yd Freestyle - Whitefish Bay Masters - 10:15.30
                                Mixed 25+ 400yd Medley - Whitefish Bay Masters -4:32.12
                                Details for the relay records can be found on the results pages.

02/22/2014 - Wisconsin Monona Grove High School SCY
 ( On-Line Entry deadline Feb 20th) ( Meet Info-detailed Mail-in deadline Feb 15th)
                       ( Heat Sheet ) ( 500 Free Psych Sheet ) ( RESULTS ) results and entries. 

02/01/2014 - Wisconsin Water Warriors ( Results ) Thirty-nine swimmers competed in the 2013 Wisconsin Water Warriors fitness event.  Thanks to Melodee for running the event and for the statistical analysis of the results and entries. 

01/26/2014 - Wisconsin Oshkosh YMCA ( Results )  Despite the snow and wind and cold temperatures, 35 swimmers enjoyed the warm pool and hot tub at the Oshkosh YMCA on Sunday morning, 1/26/2014

01/05/2014 - Wisconsin YMCA @ Pabst Farms SCY ( Results

12/07/2013 - Wisconsin SCM Champs at West Bend West HS
                    ( RESULTS ) ( New Records )