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Individual USMS 2017 Annual Registration Begins 11/1/2017 and runs all year.
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10/6/2016 - October-November 2016 Newsletter is now on-line.  See the Newsletter tab above.

11/1/2016 - 12/31/2016 Wisconsin LMSC Water Warriors Fitness Event
Held in your own pool, as a postal event, select a 14 consecurtive day period
                       at any time during Nov or Dec.  Record the yards swum during the 14 days and
                       submit the yardage to Melodee, Fitness Chair ( Entry Form )

12/3/2016 - West Bend West High School Short Course Meters Meet
( On-Line entries ) will remain open until Dec. 1st
                      ( Detailed Meet Information ) ( HEAT SHEET ) ( RESULTS )

12/11/2016 - Wisconsin LMSC Annual Meeting Part II
                     Held at YMCA at Pabst Farms, at 11:30am.  Agenda will be posted as the date nears.

01/08/2017 - YMCA at Pabst Farms Short Course Yards Meet
                      ( On-Line entries ) will open on Dec. 1st
                      ( Detailed Meet Information )

01/29/2017 - Oshkosh YMCA Short Course Yards Meet
                      ( On-Line entries ) will open on Dec. 1st
                      ( Detailed Meet Information )

02/19/2017 - Sun Prairie High School Short Course Yards Meet
                      ( On-Line entries ) will open on Dec. 4th
                      ( Detailed Meet Information )

03/05/2017 - Whitefish Bay High School Short Course Yards Meet
                      ( On-Line entries ) will open on Jan. 14th
                      ( Detailed Meet Information )

Please see the USMS Calendar of Events for Y-Masters, Open Water, ePostal Swims and National Championships.

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10/1/201 - Wisconsin LMSC Annual Meeting was held
                  Agenda and Handouts for this meeting are on this website under the About tab.
                   Part II of the Annual Meeting will be held on December 11th.

9/10/2016 - Wis. Senior Olympics SCY Meet at Shorewood VHE Pool
                  Eighty-five seniors enjoyed the meet.  Please see the Events and Results tab for
                   the final results from the meet.  All USMS member times were submitted to the
USMS Event Rankings and will be eligible for Top 10 consideration.

8/20/2016 - 2016 MOWS Open Water Swim (Madison Open Water Swim)
                  ( MOWS website ) * * * * Please be advised that the 8/20/2016 MOWS swim
was cancelled due to weather issues. * * * *

6/18/2016 - Schroeder Aquatic Center State Meet Long Course 50M
Seventy-five swimmers attended the LCM meet.  Congratulations to Melinda Mann
                     (Oshkosh Y Masters) who set a new USMS record in the Women's 65-69 50M Br-Stroke.
                     See results on Meet Mobile or on the Results tab of this website.

6/12/2016 - Badger State Games SCY Meet in Wausau, afternoon only
                            Five members of WMAC attended the Badger State Games SCY meet in Wausau along with
                            eight other masters age swimmers from the Wausau area.  The facility was very nice and
                            very new at the Horace Mann Middle School.  Times of USMS members from this recognized
                            event have been added to the USMS Event Rankings.  ( RESULTS on the USMS website)

6/11/2016 - USMS Adult-Learn-To-Swim Instructor Training was held in Milwaukee
Nine Wisconsin Masters Swimmers attended this first USMS ALTS Certification Course

                     held in Wisconsin.  For a complete list of instructors and more information on ALTS,
                     please see the USMS Website ( http://www.usms.org/alts/ ).

4/09/2016 - Baraboo Middle School SCY Meet
                 ( On-Line Enter Website ) ( SwimPhone ) ( RESULTS )
                 Thirty-six swimmers attended the meet.


4/02-4/03/2016 - Schroeder Aquatic Center State Meet (2 days) SCY
( On-Line Enter Website ) ( SwimPhone ) ( RESULTS ) ( TEAM SCORES )
                 The meet was enjoyed by 170 swimmers. 


03/06/2016 - Whitefish Bay High School Short Course Yards Meet
     ( On-Line Enter Website)  ( SwimPhone ) ( RESULTS )
                             One hundred thirty swimmers attended the meet.  The WFB Masters had great sweet treats
                             for all the participants to enjoy.  Thank you to the WFB Masters for hosting the meet.
                            ( Link to Time Lapse Video of the Meet on YouTube )


2/13/2016 - Monona Grove High School Short Course Yards Meet
( On-Line Enter ) ( SwimPhone ) ( HEAT SHEET ) ( RESULTS )
                     Eighty-three swimmers enjoyed the meet.  Thank you to Steve Justinger,
                     Meet Director, for running an enjoyable and fast meet.

1/31/2016 - YMCA at Oshkosh 20th Street Branch Short Course Yards Meet
                       ( On-Line Enter )  ( SwimPhone ) ( RESULTS )
                             Forty-six swimmers attended the meet.  Thirteen swimmers accepted the Animal Challenge
                             and received an embroidered swim towel for their efforts.  It was a great meet for everyone.
                             Thank you to the Oshkosh Masters for hosting the meet.

11/1/2015-12/31/2015 - Wisconsin Water Warriors Fitness Swimming Postal
Swim all the yards that you can during the consecutive 14-days of your choice,
                    between Nov 1st and Dec 31st.  Entries were due Jan 15th.  Results will be
                    available in the February newsletter.  The prizes will be awarded at the April 2-3
                    meet at the Schroeder pool.

01/10/2016 - YMCA at Pabst Farms SCY Meet
                   One hundred swimmers entered this meet.  Results are posted on this website.

                   The USMS Event Rankings are updated.  Please see the Events & Results tab for results.

12/5/2015 - West Bend West HS Short Course Meters Meet
                   This is the only Wisconsin Meet run in a 25 meter pool (SCM=Short Course Meters)
                   ( RESULTS )

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